Hey! Chris on Code here. I've got all my best web dev tutorials here on this learning site. 

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Make 20 React Apps

Learn React by building more than a “hello world”
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Make 10 React Apps (Set A)

Learn React by building more than a “hello world”
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Should I use React or Vue?

React and Vue are amazing JavaScript tools. Let's compare a few parts of each so we can pick the best one for our next job.
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Going from Vanilla JavaScript to React

Learn to switch from vanilla JavaScript to React. 
Level up your JavaScript!
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Using React Hooks

Learn about React Hooks like useState() and useEffect().
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Who is Chris on Code?

Chris is the founder of scotch.io, the popular web dev tutorial site. Scotch reaches 2,500,000 readers monthly and $30,000/mo revenue. 

Scotch.io was successfully acquired by DigitalOcean in 2019. Chris now focuses on helping others code so they can build/grow their own businesses.

He's a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and fights to keep coding simple and practical.